carton of cigarettes cigarette to see

Who can understand the men liting Newport cigarettes
Lit a Newport carton of cigarettes cigarette to see it a little bit of burnt out like see my life, to finally after all the dust, like smoking Newport cigarettes is not don’t quit smoking after that kind of cool feeling, the moments of ecstasy, when bored, when lonely smoke, smoke Newport cigarettes when loneliness, smoking Newport cigarettes when sad, it will anesthesia people’s nerve Newport cigarettes can let me temporarily forget the past pain.
Were curious now is like that temporarily after finished anesthesia, temporary ecstasy, lit up a Newport Short Cigarettes look at the star, let Newport cigarettes burn to watch it disappear after the burning of flue gas in the air, or gone with the wind that is lonely, that’s past pain in the heart of the heart, is the heart of loneliness and hesitation, is their own helpless thoughts, some girls said that I don’t like smoking Newport cigarettes, but you know what? Why we when you ask us to quit smoking Newport cigarettes but has not quit, not don’t quit, actually in the man’s heart is filled with too many pressure only in the hands of the Newport cigarettes can alleviate the pain of our heart wanders lonely and helpless, some girls to say again that can tell me I am his lover! Love do you know how to understand man heart lover?Man in the heart of love is to want to let oneself happy happiness of love and happiness not not happy with a man together not happiness, Affection, elderly parents, to the man’s pressure is man you know, if a man love you and parents are against you?Just a break up?Men will not and you said can only hide in my heart because they love you because they don’t want to lose you, the only they bear the mouth say their parents how like you then try to a little bit of let their parents to accept you, the other for the rest of the men pressure on parents also only to face the man himself,
Love, in the desire and money and you in the reality of the society for the men’s pressure is more predictable, you clap conscience ask yourself you will marry a no room no car no money again the man?Even if there are such women this man will be more to love to cherish you, or to marry such a man is not worth you love,
Friendship, there is a saying very good social money now is I have no money that’s grandson, the so-called friendship just based on money, on the basis of what the elder brothers and sisters when you don’t have all of you in the eyes of friends is a grandson, grandson is better than even turn turn will say your this that of, still have even if friendship is also the most unreliable things rich rich said some high-profile behind friends would show off in an ostentatious manner, low-key and would say these other men only to vent with a cigarette, people walk tea cool, this is the social people walk tea cool perhaps the most understand men can help a man keep secret is the most a Newport cigarette.
Actually, there have been such a time, with his deep love of that person, silent, in the mind have many words can’t say, dare not say, know this lifetime won’t go together, know the feeling is very tired, very deep, and bitter, very helpless, know how to take up the put down, also know, you should not put down, heartache bear hard, fingers will be shaking, eyes will be wet.At this time, it is need a Newport cigarette, with frequent play ash to conceal hand tremors, so, in the smoke Newport cigarette smiled and said, ah, the person of this smoky eyes ache, seems to forget the smell of Newport cigarette, smoking Newport cigarette is a long time ago, people who smoke Newport cigarette but not long ago.Once thought that smoking Newport cigarettes is a free and easy, wait until completely reject it, to see the smoke Newport cigarette is always don’t want to escape the feeling of not flee, picked up again, may be carefully, perhaps by hand, maybe just a kind of dependence, the hand of the fire smoke, push not to open your heart door, ever fall on your shoulders, that Newport cigarette rising smoke, always a person to accompany, cross, in the eyes very input.